Community Vitality

Findings from the Community Vitality research reports were pivotal in better understanding the feelings and needs of expectant and new parents. Many findings contributed to the development of prenatal and parenting resources such as The Parenting Partnership, the Welcome to Parenting online prenatal and parenting program and


Vital Communities, Vital Support: How well do Canada’s communities support parents of young children?

Phase One: What is Known

If it takes a village to raise a child, how are our villages doing? Are Canadian communities providing the support parents of young children need and yearn for? This research report looks at what social science, leading policy, research, program experts, and parents themselves have to say about what parents want and need from their communities to be supported in their parenting role.


Phase Two: What Parents Tell Us 

This report is the second phase of the larger Vital Communities, Vital Support study to explore how well Canada's communities support parents of young children, and to examine how that support relates to parents' knowledge about child development, confidence in parenting and their parenting behaviour. Through a landmark national survey, Invest in Kids investigated parents' need for and possible benefit from two types of support for their parenting role - the intangible support of family, social and peer relations and community, cultural and national attitudes, beliefs and values, as well as tangible supports of community resources, programs and services.

Many thanks to The Lawson Foundation and Unilever for making this report possible.

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