Group Services

The purpose of group services is to provide a range of group programs to both children and parents in order to provide them with the skills to build necessary tools to cope with everyday situations. Groups are offered throughout Renfrew County and target all age groups.

Core Group Services

Building the House from the Ground Up


Children First Program

The Children’s First program provides separating/divorce parents the opportunity to learn about and discuss the effects that divorce and changing family situations have on children. Parents are introduced to methods of minimizing the negative consequences of divorce on their children.


Parent Support Group

The Parent Support group will help support parents with the strategies they have learned while participating in the surviving your adolescent group. Guest speakers will be invited to present on specific topics.

Kids First

The Separation and Divorce group provides children with an opportunity to explore feelings and learn how to problem-solve in a non-threatening atmosphere. Children learn coping skills to help them deal with issues such as isolation, going from one house to another, loyalty and other problems caused by separation and divorce.

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