School Based Programs

Day Treatment Programs/Section 23

In partnership with the two local school boards, the Phoenix Centre provides a Day Treatment program for students (ages 7 to 14) with social, emotional and behavioural needs that cannot be met in a regular school placement. Each of the three classrooms is staffed by a teacher, educational assistant and child and youth counsellor with case management and family therapy, provided by a child and family therapist.

The one year program offers specialized academic support, daily skills groups, individual child counselling and family therapy. Families also have access to psychiatric consultation and psychological services where appropriate. The program is voluntary and referrals are initiated by the child’s community school through the Coordinated Access Committee of Renfrew County.

New Horizons

New Horizons Day Treatment presents educational opportunities to at risk youth between the ages of 12 and 18, in the form of a Section 20 classroom. Each classroom can accommodate up to nine youth. The program operates within a cognitive behavioural framework, using a family system model, and utilizes both individual and group programming.

The New Horizons Day Treatment Program has identified five core themes that may form the basis of the program. These themes are:
• Learning (academic development)
• Empowerment
• Social/life skills
• Self-awareness/development
• Career education

All students will be provided with an education that is in accordance with the Ontario Educational Curriculum. These academics are individualized and based on the youth’s grade level and learning abilities. All youth will participate in clinical groups each week.


Valleycrest Day Treatment provides an intensive therapeutic intervention program for children between the ages of 6.5 and 11.5 at the time of referral. The two main areas focused on throughout this program are: mental health and educational needs. The Program’s main goal is to help children with any emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. The program is set up as an extension of the child’s community school.

The program has identified four core themes that will form the basis of our program. These are:
• Safety
• Learning
• Belonging
• Empowerment

All Valleycrest students will participate in clinical groups and follow the Ontario educational curriculum. These academics will be individualized and based on the child’s grade level.


Individual, family, play and/or group therapy is also an expectation for children and families attending Valleycrest. The therapy used will be dependent on the needs identified by the family and therapist during the assessment.

This program is offered in partnership with the two local school boards. Referrals are accepted through the Renfrew County Coordinated Access Committee.


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