Youth Justice Services

Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program

The Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program's objective is to support youth who have been charged with a low-risk offence, aged 12 to 17 at the time of the charge, and who have suspected mental health issues.

The program will provide an assessment to the Crown, determining whether the youth is suitable for the diversion program.  Assistance will also be offered to those who do not meet the criteria.  Assistance may include: referrals to appropriate community services, transportation (if required), and navigation of the court system.

Extrajudicial Sanctions (EJS) Programs

The EJS program is a diversionary program for youth aged 12 to 17 years (at time of the offence). Extrajudicial Sanctions allow a youth charged with low-risk offences to take responsibility for their offence, without being sentenced by a judge.  An agreement will be made with the youth to complete the specific sanctions.  If the sanctions are completed satisfactorily, the charges will be withdrawn.

Extrajudicial Measures (EJM) Program

The EJM Program is a diversionary program for youth aged 12 to 17 years (at the time of the offence). Police may refer a youth to the EJM program, rather than laying a charge.  This program allows youth to take responsibility for their offences, while providing education/support to the youth and family, with the goal of preventing further conflict with the law. The youth will make an agreement to complete specific sanctions. If the measures are successfully completed, the youth will not be charged for the offence.

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